We're on the home straight now! The classy cream is all done, now waiting for the pastel blue to be revealed.....patience Nic, patience

Unbearable glimpse of colours

The suspense really is killing me........... The lovely Lucy-Jayne has sent me the latest photos of Gertie all masked up, and ready for some more paint. The cream looks as good as I'd hoped, next the really exciting bit, a bit of colour!

Gertie in her underwear!

Gertie looks much improved for an undercoat, gone are those manky stickers and mouldy roof! Can't wait to see her in her new colours


Luckily the original wheels are still good, but they look alot better for a bit of attention.

Hidden beneath

Someone in the past cut Gerties' water supply off, so she's going to need a new pipe. I'd like a working tap you know!

Shocking shock absorbers!

Oh dear, looking underneath not so young Gertie, it appears that we need some new shock absorbers, but at least the tyres are still road worthy!

May 26th 2014

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