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The Fairy Steed
  • The Fairy Steed

    I do love Folklore and there's much of it in beautiful Wales.


    'The Fairy Steed' is one of a series of folklore and Fairytales I've been adding to vintage maps, involving Dragons, Hares, Bears and a wren.


    This one is inspired by the Welsh Legend that tells us of how Welsh Fairies or 'The Tylwyth Teg' in Welsh, used Corgi's to ride into battle.

    This particular Corgo is a Pembroke, and is just crossing the border on his part of a Vintage Welsh Map.


    In pen and watercolour, and left unframed, so you have the option of hanging him portrait or landscape, and use as much, or as little of the surrounding map when framed.


    As the map stands it measure approx 410 mm by 420 mm overall


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