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Traditional Pet Portraits

Map Stories

Quirky Animal Portraits

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A commissioned piece of art is a very special undertaking, and is a beautiful,  thoughtful gift, either for someone special, or as a piece of bespoke art for your own home.


 It's not something that you do everyday, and it's important to think of what kind of piece you would like, what you would like included, style, the finished size of picture, even where it will be eventually hung.

Traditional Pet Portraits

Although I love to meet, and get to know your animals, while photographing them, I understand that it's not always possible. So providing you can give me clear, good quality images to work from, and can tell me about their quirks and characters , I can create a good likeness for you.

Quirky Pet Portraits

This is also true of my more quirky animal portraits, where we really bring your pet's character to life. I like to think about what they would do for a living or a hobby!

A zoomy lurcher might fancy his chances as an old time racing car driver, or maybe your very nosy four legged friend would really like to be a proper Victorian detective.

The choices are endless, and you will have a totally unique piece of art to hang on your wall, and a serious conversation starter!

The price of your commission also includes digital file of photos I've taken, if applicable


The price depends on your individual requirements, and takes into account...

Number of subjects to be included

Size of finished portrait

Any background, or other additions,

Travelling expense, (the first 10 miles from me is included)

Story Maps

  Bespoke Pen and Watercolour pieces, 'Map Stories' mark a place close to your heart in an unique way.

I paint with ink pen and watercolour directly onto a vintage map to make it your own story.

We all have that special place we remember, Home, Holidays or just somewhere dear to your heart.

This can be a very personal piece of art, and can feature all sorts of creatures.

Hares, Dragons, dogs, animals from local legend or a family name, or just your favourite.

I am always happy to hear from you with any questions or queries, as I know every animal and every portrait is different, so please feel free to contact me for a no obligation chat about it, or you can chat via the magic of the internet